Bareskin [Interview]

Ahead of his B@TV apperance this Thursday for the Avant Booking /Losing Suki showcase, we caught up with 18 year old Josh Thompson aka Bareskin for a quick Q & A. We’ve been serioously hooked on his sound since hearing his debut release earlier this year ,‘Flow‘, and his latest on Hypercolour is a further indication that this lad has some serious production skills. If his solo DJ/Production career isn’t enough, the Winchester based wonderkid is also on one third of ‘Wire People’- an exciting electronic band that have already been picked up by a major European Label.

You have a pretty mature sound for an 18 year old, what kind of artists inspire you to write the music you do?

Mainly Radiohead, Thom Yorke, Four Tet, Burial, et. just the classics really… but aside from that, I’m inspired by everything in different ways. Obviously my music is nothing like theirs, but i would say getting inspired isn’t about wanting to go and make music exactly the same as what inspired you, its like you’ve being inspired to go and do your own thing. I find inspiration from going on walks and stuff too, taking in the natural sounds, or reaching a state of mind. It’s all part of it.

The guys at Hypercolour seem pretty taken with your sound and have snapped you up for some releases, how did the hook up come about?

Yeah, well basically a while back i was just looking for places to send out my music too, and Hypercolour was one i chose, among a few others, and they were the only ones to send an email back! so i started being in contact with them and over time we just got a the stage where they felt we were ready to put out a release.

‘Eyes’ is out this week and already getting a lot of love, whats the nicest thing anyone has ever said about your music?

haha um, i dunno… i suppose the best thing you can do is inspire someone else to wanna go and make music, so i suppose the nicest thing people have said is that it’s inspired them (which beleive it or not has happened! haha)

Your performing on B@TV this Thurs, potentially to a very large audience, are you more nervous performing in front of a camera or a packed dance floor ?

well having never performed infront of a camera yet i couldn’t truthfully answer that! but let me get back to you on friday… I’m hoping a camera though, because that’s less likely to occur as often to me.

I wanted to ask you about your other project, Wire People, what’s your role in the group and where do you hope to take that project?

Yes Wire People, well basically I do a bit of everything really, as do all of us. We do kind of have majority roles i guess, in which i would be the ‘producer/songwriter’ but equally songwriting is an evenly split 3 way endeavour. We literally do all do a bit of everything; I’ve even been known to lay down some grooves on the bass!

As for where we wanna take this, not really sure yet, the main thing is we just wanna get to a point where we can live of doing it full time.

Finally, in your opinion, whats the best record ever made?

Hail The In KidAbows Limbs Thief :)


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